Laurel is a storyteller, scientist, adventurer and activist. She uses film and photography as a medium for science communication and environmental advocacy and believes that nothing is more powerful than human emotion. She is an avid skier, climber, runner, and mountain unicyclist.

Laurel has created media for the American Alpine Club, the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative, the Planetary Health Alliance, Second Sun Project, and the Wildlife Conservation Society. She has also been a regular photographer for Bivouac Coffee Co.

Holding both a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Masters in Public Health from the University of Wisconsin, Laurel has a special interest in virology and infectious disease. She believes that human, animal, and environmental health are intrinsically linked and, as a scientist, has worked on numerous projects connecting the dots between healthy people and a healthy planet: from vaccinating chickens in rural Madagascar to surveying seals for avian influenza virus in the American Northeast.

If you are interested in creating something with Laurel, she would love to hear from you!